AQUASUB is a high-performance hydro-ejector which combines both water aeration and circulation. It is used for the aeration and destratification of lakes, ponds and any other water body.

Fast speed

Aquasub is designed with a 3000rpm vacuum turbine.

Different models

Developed through 5 different models, Aquasub is adapted to every fresh water ponds.

High qualitative materials

Robust fabrication in Stainless Steel and polyethylene high density. It also has an IP68 engine.

Creation of micro-bubbles

The air combined with water is diffused in micro-bubbles into the water flow created and oriented toward the bottom of the pond.


AQUASUB is a hydro-ejector designed for fresh water ponds. With a simple but robust design, this machine can be used under any circumstances. It is possible to transform this hydro-ejector in a brewer only.

Fresh waters


Private ponds

Aquasub perfectly
combines water aeration
and brewing.

Easy to use

Aquasub is used for the aeration and brewing of lakes, ponds and any other water bodies.

Brings the oxygen supply necessary

Aquasub is ideal for the destratification of lakes, ponds, etc. Floating or submersible, this aerator-brewer has a water brewing from 200m3/h up to 1200m3/h. This hydro-ejector is ideal for wide and deep basins.


Aquasub is conceived with high qualitative materials. The different components of this hydro-ejector make it reliable and robust.

  • Air intake pipe (silencer in option)
  • Polyethylene float
  • Stainless Steel frame
  • IP68 stainless steel submersible motor (3000 rpm)
  • Pipe with air intake
  • Self-cleaning Stainless Steel strainer
  • Three-blade turbine made of carbon-reinforced anti-abrasion composite material

Simple and efficient

Oxygen supply



To complete your product

This silencer reduces the noise caused by the air suction.

Ideal for the electric supply of the aerators.

For a more discreet use, find Aquasub on feet

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