Lowmotion 8

Lowmotion 8 is an 8’’ (⌀ 200mm) industrial pump. Its output allows a wide variety of industrial applications, especially in food industries and wastewater treatment plants.

Optimized performance

Thanks to its rotor and pump housing, the design of Lowmotion 8 guarantees optimal performances.

Light and easy-handling

Despite its power, the light weight of Lowmotion 8 and its three wheels make this pump easy to handle.

Exclusive priming system

Lowmotion 8 has a priming system entirely automated. This technical characteristic is essential for the functioning of the machine.

High qualitative materials

Lowmotion 8 is made in AISI 316 Stainless Steel to resist to corrosive waters or to acidic products/liquids in food industries.


Lowmotion 8 has been made to be used in industrial waters. This pump can be used in food industries while offering a damage free pumping for the products. It can also be used to transfer waste waters from one tank to the other.

Food industries

Wastewater treatment plants

Pumping towels and wipes

Lowmotion 8 is made with an exclusive priming system which guarantees the optimal performances of this industrial pump.

Easy to use

Lowmotion 8 is ready for use. Its automatic priming facilitates its functioning.

Keeps the food integrity

Lowmotion 8 has been tested in food industries and the results are very satisfying. This pump keeps the food integrity and has also the capacity to pump towels and wipes.


Made with high qualitative materials, Lowmotion 8 can be used in different type of water.

  • Pump housing in Stainless Steel
  • Frame in Stainless Steel
  • Outlet valve
  • 8” Discharge connection (⌀ 200mm)
  • Inflatable tire ⌀ 400mm
  • Brake
  • Pump motor
  • 8” Suction pipe (⌀ 200mm)
  • Electric box


Handling ability

To complete your product

It is possible to link Lowmotion 8 to an IP67 remote control. This remote enables the entire control of the pump.

The pump is delivered with two 8” Camlock and a suction cone.

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