HYDROPULSE is a high speed mixer for industrial and domestic wastewater treatments. Built as a floating mixer, it combines aeration and mixing of water. HYDROPULSE and its vacuum propeller brings the oxygen supply indispensable for the bacteriologic life.

Fast speed

HYDROPULSE – high speed mixer –  is made with a 3000 rpm vacuum turbine, which offers high mixing capacities.


The high speed characteristic of HYDROPULSE enables the creation of micro-bubbles thank to a venturi effect. The micro-bubbles are oriented towards the bottom of the basin to improve the oxygen transfer.

Optimum oxygen transfer

The oxygen transfer is optimum thanks to the micro-bubbles an to the design of the high speed mixer. HYDROPULSE is perfectly adapted to be setting up in buffer tank or aerated lagoon.

Different power supply

We offer a variety of 5 mixers with different power supply to fit every need. The size of a basin is one important element to define the power supply required.


HYDROPULSE is a high speed mixer, built to oxygenate and mix the waste waters. Its design is made to be used in deep and wide basins, such as aerated lagoon, buffer tank, landfill leachate ponds, etc. HYDROPULSE does not required a complex installation procedure thank to its floats and mooring system.

Industrial and domestic wastewaters

Aerated lagoons and buffer tanks

Landfill leachate ponds

Reliable and robust,
Hydropulse has been designed for deep and wide basins. It is also corrosion-resistant.

Diverse functionalities

By mixing and oxygenating waste waters, the high speed mixer HYDROPULSE controls the algae proliferation, smelly odors and helps to decrease the levels of DOB5, DOC and TSS present into the effluents.

To complete your product

The high speed mixer HYDROPULSE can be combined with our fast floating aerator FLOPULSE. With the combination of both technologies, we offer an optimum oxygen transfer into waste waters, to improve water quality and to respect the different discharge standards imposed by countries and authorities.


Hydropulse is available through 5 different power supplies to answer every request and to fit different type of basins.

  • Engine protection stainless steel hood
  • IP 55 motor 3000 rpm
  • Air suction strainer
  • Tilt adjustment of the motor/turbine block
  • 316L stainless steel strainer
  • 3-blade stainless steel impeller
  • Float made of high density polyethylene anti UV


Handling ability

All our products
are French-made
As a leading society in its fields and known worldwide, FAIVRE takes care of its machines from their conception to their delivery. All our products are made in our French establishments to guarantee the reliability and robustness of every machine.