LOWPULSE is a hydro-ejector with a slow turbine (1000rpm). This machine combines aeration and brewing of water. It is perfectly adapted to deep and wide basins.

Slow speed

Lowpulse is equipped with a slow turbine (1000rpm).

Optimized design

The best component of this machine is its XXL propeller, especially designed for this hydro-ejector.

Thin bubbles

The design of Lowpulse enables the creation of thin bubbles for an optimal contact between air and water.

High qualitative materials

Lowpulse is made with high qualitative materials to ensure its resistance to corrosive effluents.

This product is under development...

It will be available very soon!


LOWPULSE is a hydro-ejector made to aerate wide and deep basins. Thanks to its optimized design and its low speed rotation, LOWPULSE creates thin bubbles which are pushed into the whole basin.

Very deep basins

Very wide basins

Industrial and urban waste water treatment


The low speed rotation of LOWPULSE
distinguishes this machine to
any other hydro-ejector.

Easy to use

Lowpulse is used to brew the surface as well as the depth of a basin. Its conception guarantees the anti-clogging power of the machine.

Optimization of the air into water

The XXL propeller of Lowpulse diffuses the air into water in an optimal way thanks to the creation of thin bubbles.


Lowpulse is available through different models to satisfy every need. The materials insure a use in corrosive effluents.

  • 1000RPM Engine
  • Aisi 316L Stainless Steel Hood Motor
  • Adjustment of the Air Cannon Inclination
  • Aisi 316L Stainless Steel Air Cannon
  • Aisi 316L Stainless Steel Three-blades Propeller
  • Floats


Handling ability

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