Filtre à tambour
Smart Filter

FAIVRE wanted to automate its range of drum filters ROTOCLEAN to make them more performing and to reduce their maintenance. Thus is born SMART FILTER, a new generation drum filter. As robust as ROTOCLEAN, SMART FILTER integrates innovative technologies. SMART FILTER offers a huge time saver to its users. Thanks to the top of the range technologies, you can now control one or more filter(s) remotely. The intelligence of SMART FILTER enables you to continuously follow-up your drum filter. 

Innovative technologies

SMART FILTER is equipped with new generation components which reduce the maintenance and facilitate its follow-up.


SMART FILTER informs you in real-time of your filter’s data. Its maintenance is simplified.

Smart interface

The data reading are more convivial thanks to the touch screen linked to the SMART FILTER’s automaton. 

Remote control

A « remote control » is present on the SMART FILTER to enable the control of one or more filter(s) thanks to a system monitoring.


The functioning of SMART FILTER is equal to ROTOCLEAN. The difference between these machines lives through their technical characteristics: the SMART FILTER is equipped with innovative elements to facilitate its follow-up and its maintenance.

Industrial waters

Tertiary filtration

Food industries

SMART FILTER answers our customers’ request: robustness and reliability for a timesaver and a maintenance reduced.

Innovative components

  • Flowmeter: ensures the self-cleaning function of the filter
  • Probes: guarantee an optimal treatment of every effluent
  • Heating tape: switches on the filter in case of cool temperature
  • Can control one or more filter(s) remotely
  • Warning light: settled on the top of the filter. Its color changes when the filter has an issue
  • Home touch screen: to inform the origin of every dysfunction

Easy to use

The touch screen is settled on the electric box and linked to an automaton. This automaton, connected to the filter, warns the user of the potential faults that can appear on the drum filter. The advantage of SMART FILTER lives through its maintenance reduced and the simplicity to follow-up the machine and its configuration.


The innovative components of SMART FILTER are made to resist to the most corrosive effluents thanks to high qualitative materials. Here are listed all the elements present on SMART FILTER.

  • Drum motor
  • Warning light
  • Suspended Matters probe
  • Sludge chute
  • Level sensor
  • Inlet water
  • Flowmeter
  • Heating tape



All our products
are French-made
As a leading society in its fields and known worldwide, FAIVRE takes care of its machines from their conception to their delivery. All our products are made in our French establishments to guarantee the reliability and robustness of every machine.