FLOSTYLE are floating fountains which bring an elegant aspect to your freshwater ponds. These fountain aerators offer different varieties and heights of jets to fit every need.

Different models

The floating fountains FLOSTYLE offer three different sprays : Cristal, Emeraude and Rubis. They are available in one-phase and three-phases. Their power supply is from 0.37kW up to 4kW.

Elegant designs

Their designs bring style to your ponds. A lighting kit can be added to the fountains : it offers a refinery touch to the water when the night falls down.


FLOSTYLE floating water fountains are built with high qualitative materials : Stainless Steel is the main component of the FLOSTYLE pond aerators. The turbines of these fountains are submersible.

Economic aerator

FLOSTYLE have low energy consumption. These floating units do not need complex installation procedure and offer very low maintenance.


The floating fountains FLOSTYLE will highlight the beauty of your private ponds, lakes, Golf courses but only municipalities and residential communities. Thanks to the different designs of sprays we offer, there is a floating lake fountain or floating pond fountain for every need.

Ponds and lakes

Golf courses


The floating water fountains FLOSTYLE highlight the beauty of your freshwater ponds.

Beautiful design

The floating fountains FLOSTYLE are available in three different sprays :

  • Cristal : it offers a wide but not high spray
  • Emeraude : it offers a high but not wide spray
  • Rubis : is between Cristal and Emeraude sprays

Reliable functionalities

FLOSTYLE fountains are made of reliable materials : 304L stainless steel, an IP68 engine and a polyethylene float.


FLOSTYLE fountains are made with high qualitative materials. The different components of this fountain aerator make it reliable and robust.

  • Polyethylene float
  • Turbine and suction strainer
  • 304L Stainless Steel motor (IP 68- 3000 rpm)
  • Submersible cable (20m standard)
  • Lighting kit (optional)
  • Nozzle

A simple and efficient principle

Elegance and aeration of water


Energy consumption

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