FLOSTYLE are floating water-jets which give the oxygen supply necessary to your water bodies while giving a nice refinery touch to your ponds. FLOSTYLE are made to prevent the development of algae, the mosquitos’ proliferation as well as the smelly odors caused by the organic decomposition.

Different models

3 different water-jets: Cristal, Emeraude and Rubis. 

Elegance and aeration

Their aesthetic brings a refinery touch to your water bodies while bringing the benefit of aeration.


FLOSTYLE are made with high qualitative materials. Stainless Steel is the main component of the water-jets FLOSTYLE.

Economic aerator

FLOSTYLE have low energy consumption. There is no maintenance required.


Their main effect is to prevent the proliferation of algae and mosquitoes as well as the smelly odors caused by the decomposition of organic load.

Fresh waters

Golf courses


The water-jets FLOSTYLE
bring a nice touch of
refinery at night thanks
to their lighting kit.

The benefits of aeration

The advantage of this machine is to bring the oxygen supply necessary to your water body as well as to give an elegant aspect to your ponds.

Important advantages

FLOSTYLE prevent the development of bacteria responsible for the apparition of bad smells. It also enables the control of the algae proliferation.


FLOSTYLE are made with high qualitative materials. The different components of this aerator make it reliable and robust.

  • Polyethylene float
  • Turbine and suction strainer
  • 304L Stainless Steel motor (IP 68- 3000 rpm)
  • Submersible cable (20m standard)
  • Lighting kit (optional)
  • Nozzle

A simple and efficient principle

Elegance and aeration of water


Energy consumption

All our products
are French-made
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