Pompe industrielle
Lowmotion 6

LOWMOTION 6 is a 6’’ industrial pump (⌀150mm). LOWMOTION 6 obtains optimal hydraulic characteristics thanks to its rotor. Its capacities and reduced speed guarantee an anti-clogging power.

Low speed

Lowmotion 6 is an industrial pump with a low speed of 500rpm. Equipped with a speed variator, this pump obtains optimal hydraulic characteristics.


Lowmotion 6 is a light pump with only 200kg. It is easy to handle it.

Maintenance reduced

Equipped with a Direct Drive System, Lowmotion 6 has a maintenance reduced.

Optimized design

The low speed and the capacities of Lowmotion 6 guarantees an anti-clogging power. With an optimized design, this pump preserves the food integrity and is made to pump towels and wipes too.


Lowmotion 6 is made for industrial waters. Its function goes over this use because you can also adapt it for food industries. 

Industrial waters

Pumping towels

Pumping wipes

Reliable and robust,
Lowmotion 6 is ideal
to pump every basin.

Easy to use

Lowmotion 6 is delivered ready for use. Once the pipes connected to the pump, you only have to prime the machine. 

Preserves the food integrity

Made for food industries, we have tested Lowmotion 6 with different aliments. By pumping grapes, pickles, eggs but also towels and wipes, the results are satisfying as the pump preserves the nutriments integrity.


Lowmotion 6 has been made to be light and easy to handle. With optimal characteristics, this industrial pump is designed with high qualitative materials.

  • Suction Connection Ø150mm (6″)
  • Electrical Box
  • Carrying handles
  • Aluminium Wheelbarrow Chassis
  • “Direct Drive” Gear Motor
  • Large Inflatable Wheel Ø400mm
  • Large Inflatable Wheel Ø400mm
  • Priming Pump
  • Stabilizer Leg
  • Pump Outlet Valve
  • Discharge Connection in Ø150mm (6”)
  • Stainless Steel Pump Housing


Handling ability

To complete your product

It is possible to link Lowmotion 6 to an IP67 remote control. This remote enables the entire control of the pump.

A 6’’ flexible pipe, transparent and smooth can be added to your order.

This “Cam lock” 6’’ connector in aluminum can be useful to easily connect your pipes together.

A 4’’ reducer on the entrance and on the exit of the pump allows the pump adaptation to any circumstances.

All our products
are French-made
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