FLOSUB is a fast floating aerator designed for ponds deeper than 60cm. The floating unit FLOSUB helps you having healthy pond water.

High oxygen transfer

The floating unit FLOSUB sprays water into the air before falling into water. The pond is aerated thanks to the oxygen dissolved.

Different models

FLOSUB is designed in one-phase and three-phases. This range of surface aerators is available through 3 different power supply to fit every need.

Qualitative materials

FLOSUB is built with Stainless Steel AISI 304L and high density polyethylene. It is also equipped with an IP68 engine.


The floating aerator FLOSUB is known for its aeration and mixing capacities. It helps keeping your ponds healthy.


By solving the lack of oxygen and by mixing the water, the floating aerator FLOSUB enables to have healthy pond. It eliminates or highly reduces the causes responsible for unhealthy water: algae proliferation , smelly odours, fish mortality, blurred water, etc.


Golf Courses

Lakes and ponds

Flosub is a reliable floating
technology, designed to
aerate freshwater ponds.

An easy application

The fast floating aerator FLOSUB removes or highly reduces the causes responsible for unhealthy water: algae proliferation, smelly odours, fish mortality, blurred water, etc.

A water flow full of oxygen

FLOSUB has been built to mix and oxygenate freshwater ponds. This floating aerator decreases the stratification of a water. FLOSUB can be used to keep a part of the pond opened in winter.


FLOSUB is designed with high qualitative materials. Its different components make it reliable and robust.

  • Mooring hands
  • Polyethylene float
  • Stainless steel inlet filter 22mm standard
  • Stainless steel bumper
  • Stainless steel inlet filter 11mm “Pro” (optional)


Oxygen supply
Energy consumption

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