Lowmotion 2.5

Lowmotion 2.5 is a new generation 2.5” industrial pump (⌀ 65mm). Made in 316L Stainless Steel and ABS plastic, it is for example perfectly adapted to transfer liquids or products from food industries. Lowmotion 2.5 is washable and it is possible to disinfect it thanks to its hygienic design.

Light and easy handling

With only 90kg, this pump is easy to handle and is adaptable to different exploitations.

Folding arms

With its folding arms, Lowmotion 2.5 can also be adapted to narrow spaces.

Maintenance reduced

Lowmotion 2.5 is an anti-clogging industrial pump. Thus, its maintenance is reduced.

High qualitative materials

The materials used are made to resist to every liquid and to be used in food industries as well as in wastewater treatment plants while resisting corrosion.


Lowmotion 2.5 is an industrial pump that has been made to be used in food industries or waste water treatments. This pump is adapted to transfer liquid or food from one tank to another without damaging the products/liquids.

Dairy industries


Pumping towels and wipes

Lowmotion 2.5 is an ergonomic pump. Space-saving is guaranteed thanks to the reduced size of the pump while preserving its best capacities.

Easy to use

Lowmotion 2.5 belongs to the range of industrial pump Lowmotion. Its fast and automatic priming facilitates its use. The pump is delivered ready for use. This machine offers damage free pumping for fruits and vegetables or food fluids.

Space-saving and efficiency

Lowmotion 2.5 can be used in every type of exploitation thanks to its folding arms as well as its reduced size. It offers a smooth handling of products and gentle pumping.


Lowmotion 2.5 is made with high qualitative materials. Here are the different elements of the industrial pump.

  • Touch screen
  • Electric box
  • 316L Stainless Steel “Wheelbarrow” Chassis
  • Folding arms
  • Inflatable tires
  • Rotor
  • Discharge connection 2.5” (Ø 65mm)
  • Pump housing
  • IP 66 motor


Handling ability

To complete your product

It is possible to link Lowmotion 2.5 to an IP67 remote control. This remote enables the entire control of the pump.

Different connectors (DN 40 or DN50) are available on request.

A DN50 reducer is available on request.

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