Drum filter in a wastewater treatment plant

Tertiary treatment in wastewater treatment plants: think about the Drum filter technology!

The tertiary treatment is a method used to clean up the waste waters during the wastewater treatment process. This process becomes common in France and Europe, as the discharge standards use to be stricter but also because of the REUSE process that is under development.

Why is this step of treatment necessary?

The tertiary treatment appears right after the secondary treatment. The purpose of this process of treatment is to decrease the levels of TSS and phosphorus that are present in waste waters.

The drum filter technology: what is it for?

The tertiary filtration is an important stage in the tertiary treatment process. Usually installed before the UV disinfection, the drum filter technology enables to decrease the level of TSS, an important parameter which would have a direct effect on the UV light transmittance.
In case of an absence of UV disinfection, the drum filter technology will also enable to improve the quality of waters before their discharge in nature (lakes, ponds, etc.)

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