Privacy Policy

Data collection

When you visit your website, your personal data are only collected for FAIVRE SASU. The commercial function of this website also collects your data. When you create an online account on our website or when your subscribe to our newsletter, your personal data such as your name, last name, company, mail address, phone number and postal address are stocked in your data base.

Use of personal data

The information collected allow FAIVRE SASU to send mailing relative to your newsletter and emailing campaign, to personalized the customer’s experience as well as to use these information to promote news and offers. FAIVRE SASU does not want to communicate your personal data to any other company. We commit ourselves to keep your private data in order to protect the customer and to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Links towards other websites

Our website can contain links to redirect you towards other websites or social media. As an example, if FAIVRE SASU is mentioned on a newspaper, we keep the right to include the link redirecting to the article.

Personal data 

GDPR law – General Data Protection Regulation – is a European text on your personal data protection.

Propriety right

Your personal data belong to you. Thus, you are free to refuse or contest any communication of your data.

Modification right

When you create an account on our website, you still have the possibility to modify, update or delete anytime the communicated data.

Security right

FAIVRE SASU ensures to control, to secure and to protect your personal data. Those data are kept in our data bases located in France.

Portability right

You still have the right to ask us the transmission of your personal data. This right cannot be applied to data that are not yours, according to the data you have communicated to us.

Opposition right

Some situations permit  you to refuse the use of your personal data.

Erasing right

If your data are not necessary to the creation or revision of a contract or service, you have the right to ask us to erase your personal data.

Consent right

You have the right to withdraw your consent when this one has been collected illegally.

Death right

You are free to define the directive relative to your personal data after your death.

For any information, complaint or contestation, you can contact us to the following address. To apply one of these rights, address a postal letter to our main office.

7, rue de l’industrie
25 110 Baume-les-Dames
+ 33 (0)3 81 84 01 32

If you do not send a written contact to FAIVRE SASU, it is considered as an acceptation of our confidentially policy.