OIEAU : Installation of a FAIVRE’s drum filter

FAIVRE’s tertiary drum filter on the training site of the International Office for Water (OIEau) !

More than 4000 professionals are trained each year by the International Office for Water. The different steps of the water cycles are studied on the training centres of the OIEau : drinking water and sanitation, waste water treatment, water and risk, etc.

In order to support these people during their training, equipments are settled on each training site. the idea is to train these professionals as if they were in a real environment.

Thus, a FAIVRE’s drum filter is settled on the training centre La Souterraine and highlights the tertiary filtration step in the waste water treatment process. This installation is also useful to present the drum filter’s technology and to explain its functioning.

The installation of our drum filter in the training site La Souterraine enables FAIVRE’s participation during the training sessions.