Family business, international success

Based in a small French town named Baume-les-Dames, FAIVRE has become one of the greatest actors for fish farming and waste water treatment equipment. The road began in 1958. The adventure was driven by Claude FAIVRE.

Sixty years ago, many things have changed for the French company: Claude FAIVRE’s children are nowadays at the head of the Group. For over six decades of experience, FAIVRE Group is known worldwide: Asia, Africa, America, etc… “My father always wanted to commercialize his machines overseas… He was rewarded for that.

In 1998, Claude decides to retire. The company becomes a family business. “We are a family of six brothers and sisters. All of us are partners, five of us work in the company” said Jean-Louis, proudly. 

The economic adventure of FAIVRE Group is unbelievable. As the society is close to its 60years anniversary, it is now recognized as one of the greatest companies specialized in fish farming and waste water treatments. 

Eric DAVIATTE – Est Républicain